Strona główna

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to all the Guests staying at Miła Dolina.

  1. The cottage/half of the cottage is booked per nights. A stay equals 3 nights at least. In July and August minimum 7 nights required.
  2. A stay at Miła Dolina starts at 4 pm. on the arrival day and ends at 10:00 am. on the departure day. Not releasing the cottage after this time is equivalent with booking an extra night and will be added to the bill automatically according to the Miła Dolina current prices.
  3. Extension of the stay (beyond the booked stay) will be possible according to the availability.
  4. Settlement of the payment takes place on the arrival day, by transfer or cash in advance. Credit/debit cards not accepted.
  5. A deposit of 500 PLN (half of the cottage) or 1000 PLN (whole cottage) in cash must be given on the arrival day. It is to be returned on the departure day after releasing the cottage and making all the additional payments.
  6. The Guests receive a set of keys and a remote control for the main gate of Miła Dolina which should be handed over on the day of departure. Loss of the keys or the remote will be charged with 250 EUR (module exchange).
  7. Handing over the keys always in the presence of the hosts.
  8. Behavior of the Guests of Miła Dolina (and persons visiting) should not disturb other Guests and the local animals.
  9. The cerfew in Miła Dolina starts at 10 pm. and ends at 6 am. on the next day
  10. Due to safety, legislation and well-being of the Guests, smoking in the cottage is strictly forbidden. Smoking area is outside the cottage. Smoking inside the cottage will be charged with 500 PLN for refreshing.
  11. It is not permitted to throw away the cigarette butts and garbage anywhere in Miła Dolina except the trash bins.
  12. the Guests should maintain the order in the cottage during the stay. Change of bedding possible on special request.
  13. The Guests should maintain the basic rules of keeping the cottages safe – locking the doors and windows each time when leaving the cottage.
  14. The Guests take full responsibility for damages of all kinds caused by themselves or the persons visiting them.
  15. All noticed damages must be claimed to the hosts immediately.
  16. The hosts will react to any kind of claims and comments.
  17. The hosts reserve the right to refuse the service of persons if any point of the terms and conditions has not been complied to.
  18. In case of serious breach of the terms and conditions the hosts reserve the right to request immediate departure without money refund.
  19. The hosts reserve the right to reject the Guests who have breached the terms and conditions during the previous stay.
  20. Lighting bonfires and barbecue must be consulted with the hosts.
  21. Bonfires should be lighted only in the indicated area. The area should be cleaned up afterwords. Every bonfire will be charged additionally.
  22. There is an option to set up a tent next to the cottage. Please consult it with the hosts during the booking– they will show you a convenient area. Fee for each tent is 50PLN/night.
  23. It is not possible to book a tent area only.
  24. The Guests must not share the cottage with the third party if not consulted with the hosts previously.
  25. Persons visiting the Guests of Miła Dolina are allowed to stay until 6 pm. Please consult with the hosts before inviting anyone.
  26. Persons visiting the Guests of Miła Dolina are allowed to use the facilities (ponds, bicycles, boats, kayaks etc.) after consulting with the hosts and making necessary payments.
  27. The Guests take full responsibility for the children and the minors staying at Miła Dolina.
  28. The hosts do not take responsibility for loss of the Guests’ valuables.
  29. The hosts of Miła Dolina reserve the right not to take the deposit of items of a big value or the significant amounts of money.
  30. Items lefts by the Guests of Miła Dolina will be kept for one whole month. Return of the left items can be made by post on the Guests request and at own expense. In case of not claiming the left items after a month, the items will be added to Miła Dolina possessions.
  31. Parking lot for the Guests is for free. The hosts do not take the responsibility of valuables left in the cars.
  32. All the other cases not mentions in our terms and conditions subject to the regulations of the Polish laws.